Tuff Coat For Concrete (TC17)

High Gloss Polyurethane is a solvent based single pack moisture cured polyurethane of extremely high solids, matching strength of two pack polyurethane, having excellent flow and weathering properties. Extremely high adhesion qualities to STONE and CONCRETE.

Advantages Are

  • 10% stronger than Tuff Timber Coat
  • Extremely high adhesion
  • For satin finish use Tuff Coat Australia's Satin Additive
  • High Build Product
  • No product bubbling
  • Tints are also available from Tuff coat Australia
  • Can be catalysed for 1-1.5 hour drying time
  • More than 2 coats can be applied in 1 day

Things You Need to Know About Tuff Coat For Concrete

  • Please Note that Tuff Coat for Concrete is an internal coating and should not be exposed to UV therefore should not be used externally.
  • Do not apply the product under 10 degrees or over 30 degrees.
  • It is important to ascertain when applying the product over new concrete whether the moisture content is not over 5.5%. Time enables the new concrete to dry for a faster application you should use a moisture cure product which penetrates into the concrete and leaves a membrane under the concrete not allowing the moisture to escape to the top.
  • Its always advisable to sand between coats however, it is not a necessity due to Tuff Coats high Adhesion Capabilities the product will stick to itself without you scratching the product up. Although it is important to make sure that there is no dust or contaminants present prior to applying the next coat (hence the recommendation for the sanding between coats).
  • Apply Tuff Coat for Concrete with a 10-12mm Roller(it has been tested with a 24mm roller and works just as well)
  • When applying the product it is best to either pour out of the drum straight on to the concrete, or alternatively pour into a bucket(please refrain from using a painters tray)
  • You should apply Tuff Coat for Concrete at 4-6 sq.m per litre for the first coat and assuming that the concrete has not absorbed the first coat you then apply the second coat at about 6-8 sq.m Per Litre.
  • Tuff Coat for concrete is an extremely easy product to use if you pour it straight out of the drum onto the floor you will see that the product pretty much levels very easily and you find yourself just helping it a long.

Product Use

Tuff Coat for Concrete Can be used on several different things:

  • Concrete
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Stone and stone pavers
  • Kitchen Bench tops

Floor Preparation

New Floors: grind the floor and finish with 100-120 grit diamonds which would make the concrete nice and smooth. Then vacuum the area so it is dust free, then to ensure that the concrete is dust free either a wet tacky mop or a wet towel to pick up the dust that the vacuum did not pick up. Let the floor dry then apply a couple of coats to Tuff Coat for Concrete. (Depending on the porosity of the concrete floor you will ascertain the amount of coats that you need).

Recoating an existing Floor: Depending on the concrete and what has been previously on it you will either need to grind the floor or sand it. However, due to the nature of concrete it is always best to grind the floor. Once you have ground the floor to the smoothness that you desire you then vacuum and mop the floor lifting all the dust making the concrete both smooth and free from all possible rejections. You then apply a couple of coats of Tuff Coat for Concrete.

Safe Handling

Handling and usage of this product must be carried out under well ventilated conditions that prevent inhalation of Asthmatics take extra care. Prevent skin contact by wearing impervious gloves. Breathing of vapours is harmful and may cause lung irritation and allergic respiratory reaction irritates skin and eyes. This product must be kept firmly lidded as it deteriorates rapidly upon container immediately. In case of spillage, absorb into dry sand or earth. Remove from work area. Cover with water for 24 hours before disposal.


In the interests of achieving a better product through research and improvements in manufacturing processes, Tuff Coat Australia reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Since Tuff Coat Australia has no control over product application, buyers and users must make their own assessment of our products under their own conditions to meet their own requirements. NO RESPONSIBILITY IS ACCEPTED, EXCEPT FOR THOSE NO-EXCLUDABLE CONDITIONS OF ANY TERRITORY, STATE OR FEDERAL LAW. Tuff Coat Australia’s liability is limited at its discretion to the replacement of this product or to the supply of equivalent product or to the refund of the original purchase cost of this product only from Tuff Coat Australia